How to Get the Most Out of the Applicant Review Session

San Marino Street Businesses

What is the Applicant Review Session?

Applicant Review Sessions (ARS) are monthly standing meetings designed to give applicants a chance to meet with lead staff about their projects. Discussion will provide clarification on City requirements, raise “red flag” issues, and streamline City approval processes. This opportunity is available for commercial and multi-family projects. At the ARS, an assessment will be conducted to explore multiple paths to success.

It is encouraged that applicants come to the ARS prepared with as much information as possible and to think flexibly on the proposed project. Applicants are also asked to be ready to ask questions so that we can resolve issues early in the process. The City's goal is for you to come out of the ARS knowing exactly what steps are needed to move your project forward towards success. 

Who Can I Talk to at the Applicant Review Session?

Applicants will have access to the following staff members and consultants at the ARS:
  • Community Development Director 
  • Case Manager 
  • Building Official
  • Planning Manager  
  • Senior Engineer
  • Economic Development Manager  
  • City Architect 
  • Fire Marshal/Deputy Fire Marashall 
  • Crime Prevention Officer, Police Department 
Upon request from the Community Development Director, the City Landscape Architect and Revenue Collections Administrator from the Finance Department may also be available. 

The ARS uses a case management system to provide the best customer service possible and promote more efficient communication. Outside of the meeting itself, as the applicant, you will have a single point of contact throughout the application process.